4th January 2013

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LBJ announces his plans “Towards the Great Society” on this day in history.  Watch his famous speech here.


January 4, 1965. LBJ gives his State of the Union address. 

“A President does not shape a new and personal vision of America.

He collects it from the scattered hopes of the American past.

It existed when the first settlers saw the coast of a new world, and when the first pioneers moved westward.

It has guided us every step of the way.

It sustains every President. But it is also your inheritance and it belongs equally to all the people that we all serve.

It must be interpreted anew by each generation for its own needs; as I have tried, in part, to do tonight.

It shall lead us as we enter the third century of the search for ‘a more perfect union.’”

Read it in full here

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24th January 2012

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The Gif That Keeps On Giving


Just received this Courtesy of Hyperform.com

Thank you for saving my life.



Thanks Jason Chaffetz.

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24th January 2012

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24th January 2012

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State of the Union Drinking Game


Drink Whenever You:

  • See a sourfaced white man
  • See someone reading a newspaper/on their laptop/ipad/etc
  • See someone not applauding

Finish your drink if

  • Someone shouts when Obama is talking
  • Biden fistpumps
  • Boehner refuses to applaud

Finish all remaining drinks if

  • Biden yells “FUCK YEAH!”
  • Boehner cries
  • Republicans stage a mass walk-out
  • Obama says “Fuck all yall I’m out” and promptly leaves via jetpack

I want Joe Biden to yell “Fuck yeah,” and then BO to fly out via jetpack.  That would be the greatest way to start the SotU

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