26th August 2011

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I’m feeling like I should have some sort of introduction post because why not

I’m Nick. I am a Chicago Ex-pat living in Austin, where I work for a really great organization that’s doing some really important work that will, if we do our jobs well, be a major game changer in American society. Suffice it to say, I won’t talk a lot about work because of reasons.

When I’m not thinking about my job, I’m thinking about comics or the US Senate or basketball or food. Also probably how bad I feel like I am at life. But then again I’m 24 and how many 24 year olds are really all that good at life yet.

Uhhh sometimes when I remember I blog about sandwiches. I’m currently taking suggestions for weird things I should pickle with this special snowflake, places in Austin that I should try, comics that I should be reading, or ways that I can go fuck myself.

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