6th March 2013

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My favorite/least favorite question.

Current Stuff:

  • Fraction/Aja Hawkguy
  • KSD Captain Marvel
  • Scott Snyder’s Batman (although it’s been a long time since I felt more let down by an issue of a comic than by Batman #17, which is irritating because it was still pretty good)
  • Any time Dan Slott is writing in a Spider-Man book
  • Kieron Gillan’s Young Avengers has made me want to go backwards and read all of the Young Avengers things ever.
  • Journey into Mystery is awesome, but not the best Asgardian book out right now; that would be Thor: God of Thunder.
  • Everything that Jason Aaron is on right now. All of it.

All Time:

  • Chris Claremont’s X-books (esp. his run on Uncanny, but New Mutants and the Wolverine limited are amaze also)
  • No that was a lie kinda: I’ll totally read any X-book put out in between 1978ish and today, except I didn’t love Victor Gischler’s X-Men book from a couple of years ago.
  • Walt Simonson on Thor is the best thing.
  • CLOAK AND DAGGER CLOAK AND DAGGER CLOAK AND DAGGER. I want nothing more than for Nick Spencer and Emma Rios to be able to turn the mini they did as a tie-in for Spider-Island to become an ongoing. Because it was hella good.
  • I got the West Coast Avengers limited from like 1984 from the $.50 bin at my LCS and I loved it.

Some other stuff that I have feels about right now:

  • I feel like the only duder in the multiverse that is still hanging in there on John Hickman’s Avengers books. They aren’t the best thing out there right now (for cape books, that’s totally Thor: God of Thunder), but they aren’t awful.
  • There’s this book Sex that had it’s debut today and the premise is interesting (superheroes who have sex with each other) and the issue itself was alright, but what’s really got me excited for #2 was the letters section. IMPORTANT NOTE: there’s visible vaginas in this one so maybe it isn’t for your kid sibling or to be read in public.
  • This totally wasn’t supposed to be the longest answer in history, but like I said: one hundred thousand trillion feels. 
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