6th March 2013

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So many geeky developments in my life today:

  • I got the last two issues of Cloak and Dagger Vol 3 that I was missing, so now I have all issues of any ongoing that had them as main characters. There are like 5 issues of Spectacular Spider-Man that I don’t have, some X-titles from Dark Reign, and the Graphic Novel that I’m missing and then I should have every prominent apperence of Cloak and Dagger ever.
  • I decided to finally start giving Star Trek another go. 
  • I spent a long time in my LCS today just being in awe of my fellow geeks which is I guess kind of a weird thing but I had a good talk with a few of the dudes who work there about action movies. 
  • I might be falling into a bunch of X-Men issues also so that’s nice.
  1. whether-which said: which star trek are you watching? The latter half of TNG and DS9 are excellent! TOS is extremely cheesy but fun. Voyager and Enterprise are only mildy cheesy, but mediocre.
  2. n7nightwing said: Oh my god you read comics, you are the perfect human being
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